UNFSS Spotlight

Mexico Towards Sustainable Development Workshop 2017

Ministry of Economy, Mexico DF, DECEMBER 14-15 2017 The aim is to gather state representatives, coalitions of non-governmental actors, industry and academia to discuss the actual context of Mexico´s Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) and have a dialogue around ‘How can sustainability standards take better account of the special needs of developing countries?’ This workshop is organized by the Dirección General de Normas, Secretaria de Economia, México and the German Development Institute (DIE). The workshop will have several conferences from experts, from the

Outcome Report of the Expert Meeting on VSS, Market Access and Trade-Led Sustainable Development

The VSS discussions on September 27 had a twofold objective viz., to, firstly, have a policy discussion on the need for global governance in dealing with the multiplicity of VSS and harnessing them as tools to achieve sustainable growth through trade in producing countries; and, secondly, the emergence of multi-stakeholder approach at the national level in the form of national VSS platforms in several emerging countries and sharing the lessons learn in holistically discussing strategic approaches to VSS.

Targeting Training in Jiangsu helps Textile Companies Improve Sustainability Along Value Chains

12-13 September 2017, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China — The Environment and Trade Hub, under the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), and in collaboration with the Research Institute for Global Value Chains, International Trade Centre (ITC) and Suzhou Bureau of Commerce, organized a two-day training in Suzhou, on Sustainable Textile Trade and Global Value Chains. Final PAGE Textile Training Agenda The training targeted local textile producers and exporters, as well

UNCTAD’s DSG will Chair Expert Meeting on VSS, Market Access and SDG

The UNCTAD’s Deputy Secretary-General, Mme Isabelle Durant, will Chair this expert meeting on Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) on Wednesday 27 September at the Palais des Nations Room XXV in Geneva. The key questions that will be discussed during the meeting are: How effective have VSS been for sustained, inclusive and sustainable trade? What type of global partnership can help improve VSS’ effectiveness on inclusive and sustainable trade growth? What is the role of a national regulatory framework on VSS? What are key lessons from