Key takeaway from the Andean Community Sustainable Trade workshop

The 2-day intensive workshop held in Lima, Peru between 5th-6th June 2018, on ‘Sustainable Trade between Peru and the EU‘ was organized at the request of the Andean Community to support mainly the Peruvian SMEs exporters and policy makers to be able to gain deeper knowledge and the potentiality of accessing the lucrative European Sustainable Development’s “Green” market. Details and agenda of the workshop can be found here. There were over 50 participants at the workshop, of which the majority of

Andean Community Sustainable Trade Workshop in Lima, Peru on 5-6 June 2018

In recent years, Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) had an increasing influence over export opportunities for developing countries to access the international markets. The fast-changing landscape matters to everyone: consumers, buyers, traders, producers, and policymakers, given its pertinence in the global trends, market access conditions and the standards used at all levels of the supply chains. In 2016, Andean Community exports to the EU reached US $13,718 million, with agri-food products exports representing 43% between these two partners, making EU the

UNCTAD’s DSG will Chair Expert Meeting on VSS, Market Access and SDG

The UNCTAD’s Deputy Secretary-General, Mme Isabelle Durant, will Chair this expert meeting on Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) on Wednesday 27 September at the Palais des Nations Room XXV in Geneva. The key questions that will be discussed during the meeting are: How effective have VSS been for sustained, inclusive and sustainable trade? What type of global partnership can help improve VSS’ effectiveness on inclusive and sustainable trade growth? What is the role of a national regulatory framework on VSS? What are key lessons from

Launch of the China Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) National Platform, Qingdao, China on June 27 2017

  The Government of China, with the support of UN Forum on Sustainability Standards (UNFSS), will launch its National Multi-Stakeholders Platform on Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) on June 27, 2017. This event is taking place as the Sub-Forum 1 of the 2017 Qingdao Forum on International Standards. The ceremony will be led by  Mr. Tian Shihong, Administrator,  Standardization Administration of China (SAC), Mr. Liu Yuhua, Director-General, International Trade,  Mininstry of Commerce (MOFCOM), Mr. Ji Zhengkun, President, China Association of Standardization (CAS) and