National Multi-Stakeholder Platforms

We’ve helped several emerging countries – including, among others, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Mexico, Philippines and South Africa – to develop multi-stakeholder platforms for Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS).

These national initiatives, created and shared by stakeholders under each country’s designated coordinating body, reflect local priorities. They are organized and structured in a transparent, inclusive and demand-driven way.

These platforms:

  • Provide a neutral forum to exchange information and learn about Voluntary Sustainability Standards.
  • Collect and exchange information on national standards.
  • Assess the needs of decision-makers and other stakeholders.
  • Link national demands with international expertise.
  • Build institutions to strengthen communication.

We feed experiences and lessons learned from these national platforms into policy dialogues at the forum, and apply analytical work to other countries in similar situations.


Established National Platforms 




Countries Under Preparation


Standards bodies in Mexico and Indonesia has also expressed interest in establishing their own national VSS platforms.