Flagship Publication

We publish a twice-yearly flagship report on diverse topics to do with Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS), our mission and activities, for our stakeholders from the public and private sectors.


2nd Flagship Report: “Meeting Sustainability Goals: Voluntary Sustainability Standards and the Role of the Government”

September 2015

This report seeks to further dissect the interplay between VSS and public governance processes by striving to answer the following questions: what are the optimal dynamics between public policy processes and voluntary sustainability standards to ensure sustainability objectives are most effectively met?


1st Flagship Report of the United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards (UNFSS)

September 2013

The 1st Flagship Report presents an array of salient VSS and public policy issues and developed an inventory of some of the leading initiatives working on VSS. One key theme highlighted in the first Flagship Report was the interplay of VSS and public governance. In particular, the report elucidated tensions at the nexus of VSS and public governance, including conflict between the schemes and existing governmental positions and competition between government and private sector-led standardization efforts.

Report Part 1


Report Part 2



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