Update on UNFSS Briefing session Cameroon

Central/West-Africa: UNFSS Briefing session at the International Cocoa Certification Workshop organized by the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) in conjunction with the Ministry of Commerce Cameroon and the United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards (UNFSS). From June 24th to 27th an International workshop on cocoa certification took place in Douala, Cameroon, and was attended by 150 participants from different stakeholder groups. The UNFSS was presented to participants directly after the opening ceremony and played an important role throughout

UNFSS Briefing Sessions in Panama and Cameroon

Briefing Session – May 9th, City of Knowledge, Panama City, Panama The UNFSS will be holding a briefing session in Panama City on May 9th at the City of Knowledge (La Cuidad del Saber). The event will inform participants about the UNFSS and consult on their information needs, interests and concerns related to sustainability standards. The event is being co-hosted by the UNFSS and the Ministry of Commerce of Panama, with support from the National Environmental Authority of

1st AP Meeting Summary

  The first in-person meeting of the Advisory Panel of the United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards (UNFSS) focused on developing recommendations on what issues related to Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) and what specific activities the UNFSS should undertake.  The meeting built on a consultation document, distributed prior to the meeting, which recommended key cluster areas of work and possible concrete tools and activities to implement.  These recommendations were the result of the UNFSS’s Steering Committee work, two UNFSS briefing sessions and bi-lateral