Briefing Sessions

A key activity in establishing the UNFSS are briefing sessions which are now being organized in producer countries. The sessions are designed to present the structure and objectives of the UNFSS. But most importantly, they will focus on consulting with key stakeholders in those countries on their information needs and concerns related to VSSs and their recommendations on how the UNFSS can and should address those issues. The results of these sessions will feed directly into the UNFSS’s work plan.

The following sessions are being organized:

  • China, (Beijing / March 4th 2013)
  • Thailand, (Bangkok / March 13th 2013)
  • Kenya, (Nairobi / Mid March)
  • Panama, (Panama City / May 10th 2013)
  • Cote d’Ivoire, (Abidjan / Early June)

As well, a briefing session will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on February 18th 2013, for WTO delegates and other key stakeholders.

These events will build around and add to, the UNFSS launch event scheduled for March 21st-22nd, 2013.


For documentation related to the Briefing Sessions, please go to the Launch & Briefing Sessions 2013 page.