Agriculture, resource/ energy use and climate change are inherently inter-linked and mutually reinforcing: On the one hand, the agricultural sector is critical for climate change mitigation – at least a third of global GHG emissions arise from this sector (if agricultural input, machinery and equipment, processing, transport and food consumption-related emissions are added, agriculture’s share might come close to half of total GHG emissions). Food security, on the other hand, is severely undermined by the effects of climate change, while a more sustainable use of energy and natural resources (in particular soil and water) can help to mitigate the latter and significantly improve the resilience and adaptation capacity to climate change.

Thus, by addressing these areas, UNFSS activities will contribute to poverty alleviation, strengthening of food security, improvement of resource/ material/ energy efficiency and enhanced mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

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Agri-Food sector

Material/ resource/ energy efficiency

Additional Areas

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