UNFSS Briefing Session June 5

Dear UNFSS Briefing session participants, Dear delegates,

Please find attached the minutes from our briefing session to provide background information and discuss the UN Forum on Sustainability Standards (UNFSS), held June 5th, 2012in Geneva. We have also attached the overview presentation on the rational for creating UNFSS, its policy objectives, added value, envisaged clusters of activities and proposed governance structure, which was made at the briefing.

You will note that in the section “The way forward” we have identified the examination of how VSS can be used or controlled to fit into sustainable development strategies of developing countries and eventually how sustainable development at the international level can be supported as the end objective of the Forum. In order to work towards this objective and to make this process truly demand driven, we would appreciate to receive feedback from capitals on the following questions, which were flagged during the briefing session:

  1. What questions do you have regarding the presentation and the background material you received?
  2. What is your concrete expectation from a forum like the UNFSS?
  3. What interaction between the Advisory Panel, Steering Committee and the Forum members would you like to see?
  4. What are the key issues you believe the Forum should discuss? What are the priority themes to start with?
  5. What groups of commodities and goods should receive prime attention in UNFSS activities?

We would be grateful if the feedback could reach us not later than end of July 2012. Please provide it to the generic Email address of UNFSS: unfss.info@unctad.org

Thank you very much for your participation and input. We look forward to establishing the UNFSS and count on your active engagement and participation in Forum discussions and activities.

Sincerely yours,

UNFSS Steering Committee

Documents from the Briefing Session on June 5th:

Summary minutes UNFSS_briefing_5june.pdf

UNFSS Briefing Presentation 5june.pdf

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