Presentations from the UNFSS Launching Conference March 21-22, 2013:

Objectives and Challenges of UNFSS, Ulrich Hoffman, UNCTAD

Nexus between regulatory and private standards: discussion on governmental concerns, Fanny Demassieux, UNEP

Dynamic Interactions between Public and Private Food Standards: main issues and perspectives, Pilar Santacoloma, FAO

Taking stock of the current research on the impacts of voluntary sustainability standards, Joseph Wozniak, ITC

Impact Assessment: state of sustainability measurement, Daniele Giovannucci, COSA

Working Groups

I. Decision-making processes and draft decision making tool, Bill Vorley, IIED

II.a  Capacity Building and Capacity Needs, Chris Wunderlich, SCAN

II.b  Capacity needs and needs assessment, Bernardo Calzadilla Sarmiento, UNIDO

III.  Harmonization and equivalence of VSS, Diane Bowen, IFOAM

UNFSS ‘Flagship Reports, Matthew Wenban-Smith, OneWorldStandards

Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) database (ITC), Joseph Wozniak, ITC

Reports from UNFSS Briefing Sessions (China and Thailand):

Review Report UNFSS Briefing Beijing, Frank Grothaus, UNFSS

Review Report UNFSS Briefing Bangkok, Chusak Chuenprayoth, Thai Board of Trade

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