Workshops Documentation

First Meeting of the India National Platform on Private Sustainability Standards – December 16th, 2016 – New Delhi

Summary Record of this Meeting


Launching of the Annual Reports of COSA and SSI – January 30-31st, 2014

SSI and COSA Reports

SSI Review 2014

The COSA Measuring Sustainability Report


UNFSS-COSA-SSI Events January 30-31


COSA – Measuring Sustainability Report  by Daniele Giovannucci, COSA

SSI Review 2014 by Jason Potts, IISD

ITC Standards Map by Joseph Wozniak, ITC

SSCT – Sustainbility Standards Comparison Tool by Kristin Komives, ISEAL Alliance

FIBIL – Data Collection by Helga Willer, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)


Workshops for ASEAN and the Philippines – October 24th and 25th, 2013 – Clark Freeport, the Philippines

Summary Report UNFSS Regional Briefing ASEAN 24 Oct

Summary Report UNFSS National Briefing Philippines 25 Oct

Agenda UNFSS Regional Briefing ASEAN 24 Oct

Agenda UNFSS briefing Philippines 25 Oct


Intro Presentation on UNFSS ASEAN workshop 24+25Oct – Mr. Urich Hoffman

Intro Presentation on GAP – Mr. Urich Hoffman

PBB OPTA Presentation 24 Oct 13 – Mr. Patrick Belisario

PBB OPTA Presentation 25 Oct 13 – Mr. Patrick Belisario

UNFSS presentation on CASP II – Mr. Sununtar Setboonsarng

VSS 2013 – Mr. Noel de Luna

Good Agricultural Practice_25 Oct 2013 – Mr. Roberto Amores

Biodiversity – Ms. Diane Bowen

UNFSS GOMA Philippines – Ms. Diane Bowen

Govt Perspective UNFSS contribution – Mr. Leo P. Cañeda

National experience on VSS implementation – Mr. Leo P. Cañeda

Organic UNFSS – Ms. Lara Vivas

The role of national GAP & ASEAN GAP

 The Private Sector Perspective on GAP Development in Asia – Mr. Kit Chan

UNFSS Regional Briefing for ASEAN at Philippines – Mr. Chusak Chuenprayoth

UNFSS to National and Regional management of VSS_ASEAN – Mr. Chusak Chuenprayoth

ITC StandardsMap Benchmarking

Role of ASEAN gap in future common market – Mr. Gilberto F. Layese

GLOBALGAP UNFSS – Ms. Kerstin Uhlig

Summary of discussions UNFSS 24 Oct

Summary of discussions UNFSS National Briefing Session 25 Oct


Cameroon Briefing Session – June 27th, 2013 (during International Workshop on Cocoa Certification – Douala, Cameroon (June 24-27)


Chris Wunderlich, UNFSS

Eric Asoh, Brandenburgische Technische Universität

Manfred Borer, Sustainable Cocoa Production Program, Swisscontact

Robert Yapo, Conseil du Café-Cacao

ICCO Certification workshop agenda

Daniele Giovannucci, COSA


Panama Briefing Session – May 9th, 2013 – Ciudad del Saber, Panama City

Summary Report UNFSS Briefing Panama

Leif Pedersen UNFSS Panama


Chris Wunderlich UNFSS

UNFSS Briefing Panama UNEP


Thailand Briefing Session – March 13th, 2013 – Bangkok

Agenda UNFSS Briefing Bangkok

Review Report UNFSS Briefing Bangkok , Chusak Chuenprayoth, Thai Board of Trade (UNFSS Launching Conference)

UNFSS Bangkok Briefing Summary Report


China Briefing Session – March 4th, 2013 – Beijing

Agenda UNFSS Briefing Beijing

Review Report UNFSS Briefing Beijing, Frank Grothaus, UNFSS (UNFSS Launching Conference)


Geneva Briefing Session – February 18th, 2013

UNFSS Presentation

Draft Introductory Remarks UNCTAD Deputy Secretary General

UNIDO Presentation

ITC Statement


The following Briefing sessions have been organized:

As well, a briefing session was held in Geneva, Switzerland on February 18th 2013, for WTO delegates and other key stakeholders.